Acacia will source the required machinery and organize all the transit insurance, cargo transport, and customs arrival notification.

Silver clients will receive the best quality SME machinery – at the best prices, as we do plenty of business, with our international SME manufacturing partners – to ensure this.

The client will then receive notification that their SME machinery has arrived in their port of choice, Cebu or Manila and is then responsible for clearance – of their cargo, customs & duty payments etc. If the door to door transport or installation is required, we can quote on this.

Silver clients will receive a 1 month – free Q & A consultancy, from Acacia for any problems, etc. If extra services are required, we can quote for these separately.

The Silver consultancy service is applicable for clients – who have imported at least once before – and have a good working knowledge – of the Pilipino import/export processes.

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ACACIA BRANDS has 8 offices - throughout the Philippine islands & employs directly 30 staff – together with our expert partner teams, we number +80 staff – and supply nationwide professional consultancy services.

Our first priority - is client satisfaction & suppling high quality, hard to find SME units at the very best prices.

Our no. 1 priority - the Acacia client always comes first.